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Drugs Approved in India by CDSCO (2020 onwards)

Organ / SystemCholinergic Response (via receptors)Adrenergic Response (via receptors)
HEARTDecreased Rate (chronotropy), Force of Contraction (inotropy) and Conduction (dromotropy) – M2Increased Rate, Force of Contraction, and Conduction – β1
BLOOD VESSELSDilation mediated by nitric oxide (M3)Constriction (α1)
Dilation (β2)
BRONCHUSBronchoconstriction (M3)Bronchodilation (β2)
Iris, radial muscleContraction (mydriasis) – α1
Iris, sphincter muscleContraction (miosis) – M1/M3
Iris, ciliary muscleContraction (near vision) – M1/M3
● relaxation of zonula fibers
● opening pores of trabecular meshwork
Relaxation (far vision) – β2
Ciliary epitheliumα2 - decrease aqueous production
β2 - increase aqueous production
MotilityIncreased (M3)Decreased (α1)
SphinctersRelaxation (M3)Constriction (α1)
SecretionsIncreased (M1/M3)Decreased (α1)
DetrusorContraction (M3)Relaxation (β3)
Trigone and sphincterRelaxation (M3)Contraction (α1)
SWEAT & SALIVARY GLANDSIncreased secretion (M1/M3)Increased secretion (α1)
UTERUSContraction (α1)
Relaxation (β2)
KIDNEYSRenin secretion (β1)
GENITALSErection – M3 receptors located on penile blood vesselsEjaculation – α1 receptors located on vas deferens and prostate capsule
METABOLICDecreased insulin secretion (α2)
Increased insulin secretion and gluconeogenesis – β2
Lipolysis (β3)
PRESYNAPTIC NERVE TERMINALSDecrease ACh release (M1)Decrease NE release (α2)
AUTONOMIC GANGLIACholinergic neurotransmission – NnAdrenergic neurotransmission – Nn

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